Our top 6 Running Tips for beginners

How many times have you vowed to start running (or any sort of work-out in general), only to end up feeling disappointed in yourself for not pulling through? We know we have! Quite a few to be honest!

Running is the cheapest and easiest way of boosting your health, mood and fitness level. Here at mompsy we call it our all-natural anti-depressant!

  1. Baby-steps. Don’t start with unrealistic goals of running 5K in your first attempts. Begin with 5 minutes per day and slowly build-up.
  2. Music music music! We can’t stress this enough!!! Download your favourite playlist, whatever gets you going and focus on the beat.
  3. Pamper yourself to some good running shoes. They are extremely important in order to minimize the risk of injury.
  4. Focus on your breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through your mouth.
  5. Spice it up! Run for a few minutes, then walk. This way you’ll burns more calories.
  6. Remember to stretch before & after your run. 

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