5 Things You Should Never Say to A New Mom

Because the last thing she needs right now is your unprompted wisdom.

If she asks for your opinion, sure, by all means  share the  tricks. If not, save yourself from some postpartum rage and  keep to yourself, at least for those first few weeks.

1. “Is your baby sleeping through the night?”

Odds are, it’s most definitely not! A reminder that she likely won’t be getting much sleep anytime soon isn’t necessary.

On that note- also unnecessary:  bragging about how early your baby was on a sleeping schedule.

2. “You’ll lose all that baby weight in no-time from now on.”

Give her a break! She just got a human baby out of her body, no need to point out these extra pounds.

3. “You HAVE to breastfeed.”

While we are big on breastfeeding, some moms struggle with it and others are just not up for it. Whether you agree or disagree with whether she plans on nursing or for how long, keep it to yourself.

4. “How can you go back to work so soon?”

Of course she’ll miss her baby. Some moms may be dreading the day they’ll have to leave their new-born, while others will look forward to a day back in the office. There’s really no need to guilt trip them about it or add to the already existing pressure they may or may not feel.

5. “Give it to me, I’ll get it to stop crying”

We’re pretty sure all babies cry! So, boasting about how you are better equipped to deal with her new-born is plain cruel. It’s a learning curve for every new mom, and you should let her experience it. So unless your helped is asked, refrain from coming to the rescue.




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